Pine Forest Lumber Company posts are peeled from either Red Pine or Southern Yellow Pine. These are two of only three softwood species treatable to .40 or .60 pcf. This characteristic allows us to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our product. (For more information, see Treating)

Equestrian, livestock fencing and vineyard stakes are the primary uses for these peeled posts. We provide more than 20 different sizes of posts to fit most needs and often have the product you need in inventory. Red Pine posts ship from Bay City, MI. Southern Yellow Pine posts ship from Sebree, KY.

Each post is measured as it is produced to ensure accurate sizing. The variation of each post in a size is within one inch on the small end. Therefore a 4″ post is actually between 4″ and 5″ – rather than a 4″ average. This allows retail customers confidence in knowing that the posts they purchase from Pine Forest Lumber Company will not be picked through in a yard.