Active in industry organizations

Pine Forest Lumber Company is a member of several major industry organizations.

Hoo-Hoo International
The International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo is one of the worldÂ’s oldest service organizations, having been organized in 1892. That it has survived all these years is due to the fact that its members are interested in the welfare and promotion of the forest products industry. Membership is drawn by invitation from all aspects of the forest products industry including forestry, sawmilling, research, education, manufacturing and marketing of all wood-based products, officers of lumber associations and suppliers to the lumber industry. It is an organization of individuals dedicated to the ideas of a united and progressive forest-based industry contributing to the welfare of the community. []

Michigan Lumber & Building Materials Association (MLBMA)
The Michigan Lumber & Building Materials Association (MLBMA) is a statewide trade association providing industry dealers and suppliers with strategic solutions . The MLBMA was established in 1889 to provide a single service to members in the area of trade ethics. Today, it is one of the premier lumber and building materials associations in the nation. MLBMA offers a wealth of services, solutions and products to its members and represents over 450 businesses involved in the manufacture, distribution and retailing of building materials and home improvement products are eligible for membership. []


The Temperate Forest Foundation
The Temperate Forest Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit, public charity. The Foundation provides leadership by articulating the current realities, and a positive inspiring vision of the future. Through public education, the Foundation helps people move toward the positive vision of living sustainably, with the successful integration of economic, ecological, and social needs. The Foundation has provided the Teacher Forestry Tour Program for over twenty years. []